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Confidential F&B Company:

Crisis Contained

The Challenge

The client had found themselves in an unfortunate circumstance of discovering a batch of infant milk formula on the shelves with ingredients contaminated with traces of ingredients of porcine origins - a severe infraction in a mostly conservative Islamic country. The challenge here was to pre-emptively prepare and control for any potential fallout stemming from this issue of great sensitivity. 

What we did

We prepared various statements including an apology detailing how the mistake happened, how the client would resolve the issue, as well as steps they would take to ensure prevention of a recurrence. We worked closely with our clients to prepare them in the face of questions from the media, in the event that they were hounded for answers. 


Deciding on whether to go with a proactive or reactive stance was key in containing the crisis as we vigilantly monitored all media platforms that were mushrooming in the country at that time. For all related news, we had in place various actions steps in anticipation for various scenarios that could unfold. Not only that, our consultants were on standby for two months to continuously monitor traditional and digital media for any mentions.


Our clients came out of this incident with their reputation and credibility intact, while feeling supported through this unfortunate circumstance. No one wants a crisis to happen, but when they do, quick thinking, a commitment to rectify the error and prevent recurrences - which we prepared our client for, can help a brand come out stronger.

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