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Code of Professional Conduct

Values and Principles

Our main goal at Emerald Communications is to provide outstanding customer service, guided by truth and integrity. The following principles have been outlined to encourage conduct of the highest professional standards from our consultants:

  • Our clients are the center of what we do and we exist to support them 

  • Excellence is a standard that we strive for 

  • Develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and needs, and to execute strategically

  • Inspire trust and assurance in clients and partners through ownership, leadership, responsiveness and thoughtfulness. 

  • Maintain relevance by staying on top of the latest trends and approaches in this growing and evolving creative industry.

Work Modes

Emerald Communications is driven by our belief in efficiency, productivity, and mutual trust. We are adaptive and aim to be as dynamic as possible. 

Working with Others

To safeguard and ensure that our values and creative synergies align with our clients, vendors, and partners, we are selective with the people we work with - to best ensure a good fit, and satisfaction for all stakeholders involved. When engaging with potential or future partners and clients, we typically engage with those who have shown to value the same principles as us.  

Labour Standards

Employee Working Conditions

All our full-time consultants are fairly compensated based on competitive industry standards commensurate with contribution and level of experience. We adhere to the Labour Law Requirements, policies and regulations implemented in Malaysia. This includes and is not limited to The Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 and The Employees Social Security Act 1969. 

Health and Safety Standards

Work Demands

The nature of our work has ensured that we incur next to no workplace related hazards or injuries - but we acknowledge that mental health is an integral part of healthcare. To foster digital well-being and to prevent burnout, consultants are encouraged to use leave days to take periodic breaks and to unplug from work. A handover is set in place to ensure the consultant gets his or her break while the rest of the team supports the continuity of our service to our clients.  

Business Ethics Standards


Earning and keeping our clients' trust is a uncompromisable part of our service and operations. We take very seriously confidential agreements, non-disclosures, or any other proprietary intelligence and or classified information shared or established between us and our clients. All consultants are to adhere to this confidentiality, and sharing of this information in any way, shape or form, with competitors, friends, and personal acquaintances are strictly prohibited. 

Data Privacy

Through our operations, developing and maintaining a database of contacts for media, key opinion figures, and other types of industry influencers are critical to our operations. We do not share this information with others, and take measures to safeguard this data and not spam or misuse this data in any way. We respect any of our contacts' right to refuse our emails and correspondence at any time. 

Protection of Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information

All proprietary information and technological know-how that results through and from the business exchange between clients and partners are to be kept safe. The storage and sharing of this information in any way, shape, or form, even after consultants are no longer attached with Emerald Communications is strictly prohibited. 


Emerald Communications complies with all Malaysian anti-bribery laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act. We do not participate in, or condone any act of paying or offering money, gifts, special favours, or anything else that is of value to any individuals, vendors, or governmental and political officials for the purpose of gaining and or retaining their business. 

Anti-money Laundering

We strictly prohibit the exchange of funds or financial transactions originating from illegal sources or activities. 

Competition with Other Providers

We do not engage in unethical practices when tendering and competing for work between other service providers and suppliers. We do not make false claims or misleading representations of our work and or our competitors. 

Ruling out Conflicts of Interests

In the interest of protecting our clients and partners interest, we will not engage in projects or partnerships that pose or could pose a conflict of interest to our existing clients.  

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