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Our clients come from a range of industries, with challenges and projects of varying complexities. Here are those we've worked with and continue to work with:

Google Malaysia

Needing no introduction at all, Google makes no light of its mission to organise the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Having as many as 70 offices across 50 countries, there’s more to Google than just Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. 


In fact, Google does a multitude of work with businesses (even governments) through a range of verticals - telecommunications, media and advertising, policy units, and lifestyle-based industries to name a few. At any given time, we’re working with them to share insightful data and are thinking about the best ways to do that. 


One of the many exciting challenges for us in having Google Malaysia as our client is to ensure its people-focused solutions, tone, and brand of helpfulness is properly communicated and translated in the Malaysian context. It calls on our ability to be creative, be able to think on our feet, and to be nimble with our approach.   


We’ve gone from organising informative sessions for stakeholders and media targets, working with influencers and content creators, to executing some of its specialised initiatives such as Google Cafes (for senior citizens, the deaf and hard of hearing community and college students, to name a few) which truly are about giving back to the community. We’ve also played a part in coordinating their Google News Initiative training for journalists across Malaysia, product launches and demonstrations in special events, highlighting up-and coming YouTube creators, and helping to bring to life their annual YouTube Festival and Ad Awards.  

Waze Malaysia

Working hand-in-hand with our PR associate Allison & Partner based in Singapore, our work with Waze is centred on helping increase brand love and market adoption of this app, locally. We help Waze to be seen for what it is - more than just a navigation app. No doubt, Waze’s stand-apart quality is its community centredness, which allows everyday road users to contribute road data so that mobility issues are solved together, on and off the road. 


Thus far, we’ve helped facilitate Waze’s partnership with the Selangor State Government - a move which would enable road users in the state to report potholes through the app - thus directly playing a part in reducing traffic congestion. We’ve supported their app update announcements, partnerships, sharing localised traffic data and important road and traffic insights across various channels that would be of interest to road users. 


Also supporting their growth in B2B markets through their ad solutions, we’ve coordinated media interviews and get-to-know sessions, press releases which help brands learn about how they too can leverage on Waze’s ad solutions to turn road users’ destinations into a journey that they could tap into for sales and advertising. 

Verity Intelligence

Verity Intelligence (VI) is a rapidly growing background screening and verification company, set on a mission to promote honesty and integrity in the workplace. Setting the benchmark high in Malaysia and Singapore, VI provides quick, affordable, and secure reports that check for things like a past history of fraud, breach of trust, criminal offense, resume embellishments, and more - elements that are potential red flags in mostly the hiring process. 


We’ve helped Verity increase its visibility through consistent and regularly-updated online media presence (blog and social content), filled with timely content that would interest HR professionals, employers and employees alike. Also critical to anchoring it’s presence in the country, we have facilitated meets and conversations with governing bodies on the importance of screening for child sex offenses, eradicating corruption, and background screening in financial industries. 


It is an exciting space we have here with VI as we venture into initiatives that make laws that are set to come into effect be more aware and understood by everyday people. Our work here is far from done, and has merely scratched the surface. 

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