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Verity Intelligence:

Visibility to Verity

The Challenge

Our client, a growing background screening company, had been trying to penetrate a range of verticals, namely banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. As they were starting out in a market with low awareness, Verity Intelligence really could use the publicity on their professional offerings.

What we did

We saw a great opportunity to leverage the surge in fake degrees news that were mushrooming at that time. Most importantly, we had to identify the right outlet to bring Verity the exposure it direly needed. We had our path set as The Star agreed to our pitch for an exclusive - after seeing that they were among the first to highlight this growing issue in the first place. 


Our ability to quickly connect the dots helped our client land a front page in The Star, and later with Kosmo who was also running stories about fake degrees. This gave Verity a foot in the door in penetrating the various industries it aimed to get into. 

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