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Volvo Cars Malaysia:

Volvo(s) for YBs

The Challenge

In 2007, the Finance Ministry waived all excise duty for locally-assembled four-wheel drives - this included Volvo’s XC90, which would now be over RM100,000 cheaper. The waiver, however, was applicable to only 857 elected representatives. How can Volvo leverage the situation and reach out to this niche audience? 

What we did

Understanding that we’d need to approach Volvo’s clients with utmost care and exclusivity, we drew inspiration from readily available instances that made people feel exclusive and important. We set out to build a personal relationship with each YB beginning with the ol’ fashioned snail mail, and showed them the savings they’d be making on a Volvo. 


Our approach was found to be refreshing, and resulted in a sales spike for Volvo’s XC90 - even though sales is not typically a KPI for public relations. 

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